P&G backed Opte launched a beauty wand that makes skin blemishes disappear

In the past, we have seen smart mirrors that can tell us who is the fairest of all, but now the new Opté Precision Skincare system can function as a beauty wand to spirit away the age spots. This new product is produced by Opté, a startup backed by Procter and Gamble and was promoted at CES 2019.

This digital skin care device was once known as the Opté Beauty Wand. It is cutting edge and utilizes a digital camera with blue LED lights that can scan and detect areas of skin discoloration. The onboard camera is phenomenal in performance as it can see up to three (3) times more pigmentation than the naked human eye. It can capture 200 skin images every second, and with each use, it can result in a total of 24,000 pictures of skin analyzed.

Once the pictures of your lovely face are captured, around 70,000 lines of code are processed by a minicomputer precise color algorithm to determine the shape, size, and intensity of the discoloration area (read: spot) in contrast to the skin surrounding it. Microfluidics is a new technology, which deals with the manipulation, precise control, and behavior of fluids that are geometrically constrained to a small, sub-millimeter scale at which the mass transport is governed by the capillary penetration. In short, it is makeup, but on a microscopic level.

This device is a micro printer that has 120 thermal inkjet nozzles which are thinner than a human hair, and it deposits 1,000 Optimizing Serum picoliter droplets. For those who aren’t familiar with the units of a liter, picoliter is one billionth of a liter. It helps in reducing the amount of product applied to the skin by 99% and also achieves the ultra-precise coverage of the spot. According to Opté, the serum utilizes a patented blend of skincare ingredients and mineral pigments that not only makes skin blemishes to disappear but also make them fade over time.

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According to the Vice President and General Manager of P&G Ventures, Leigh Radford, they have partnered with experts and leading scientists across industries to create the first ever digitally-advanced skincare device that visibly transforms the look of the skin. She further added that Procter & Gamble had been introduced by Opté to an entirely new category of digital skin care.

Along with Opté skincare solution, Proctor & Gamble is launching half-dozen other products that include the Oral-B Genius X Toothbrush, a home fragrance system from Airia, an artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled skin advisor platform from Olay, and a Heated Razor from P&G’s GilletteLabs.

A lot of questions surrounding the Opté Precision Skincare System includes how much this device and its specialized makeup cost? Procter & Gamble will supposedly offer a darker version of their Precision Serum for darker skin tones. The Cincinnati Business Courier reports that the UV-protecting and moisturizing serum will last one complete day until and unless you wash your face, the refills should last two months and the product will be available commercially in early 2020.

h/t: The Verge

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