Comic artist turns everyday scenario into a comical jab

Want to spare a few minutes to indulge in some innocent giggles? These hilariously witty comics by Vincent on LOLNEIN are the perfect choice for you. The artist takes on a comical jab on the most simplistic everyday matter to create his comics and once you go through them, you will realize how humour is the most common underlying feature in almost everything that happens around us. Check out few of them right here!

lolnein 2

lolnein 6

lolnein 12

lolnein 5

gif 1 1

lolnein 8

lolnein 7

lolnein 9

lolnein 10

lolnein 4

lolnein 1

lolnein 3

lolnein 11

gif 2 1

Images: © LOLNEIN

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h/t: Bored Panda

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