Artist illustrates the evolution of iconic pop culture characters

Makeup artists and costume designers have taken the industry by storm in the recent days and that has truly reflected the most on our very own iconic pop culture characters. Los Angeles based artist, Jeff Victor illustrates all the modifications that these characters have gone through in the journey of evolution of the costume and makeup in Hollywood. Scroll below to see the timeline of how superheroes used to look in all the different times!

Bat Woman

evolution 1

Captain Marvel

evolution 13


evolution 2

Harley Quinn


Cat Woman

evolution 3


evolution 14

Poison Ivy

evolution 8


evolution 10

Wonder Woman

evolution 5


evolution 7

Incredible Hulk

evolution 6

Iron Man

evolution 4


evolution 9

Captain America

evolution 12

Captain America

evolution 11

Images by: © Jeff Victor

Jeff Victor: Instagram | Facebook | Website

h/t: Bored Panda

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