This Californian industrial ruin was transformed into a stunning beach house

If you ever want a taste of what paradise would feel like, then we have just the place for you. This industrial site turned beach house is a perfect getaway location for people living in California. Constructed by Romanian design studio Razvan Barsan + Partners, this remote location houses the perfect abode with its own dock and even a little island!

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Californian stunning beach house 4 Californian stunning beach house 5

The designers carefully kept the industrial essence of the site intact while also keeping it true to its natural surroundings. This piece of ‘honest architecture’ uses all local materials such as wood, reed and bamboo to keep the house in sync with the nature around it.

Californian stunning beach house 3 Californian stunning beach house 2

Bay House also has a close connection to the beach and ocean through materials as well as the beautiful outdoor spaces. There is also a walkway surrounded with glass that connects the house with a small Island that contains loungers, a fire pit and palm trees. This house is the perfect sustainable summer retreat for the renewable materials it utilizes as well as the fact that it doesn’t disrupt nature at all.

Californian stunning beach house 1

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Photos by Razvan Barsan + Partners

h/t: Inhabitat

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