These magnificent shots of Nordic glaciers will freeze you in time

No matter what you think of yourself, glorious Nordic glaciers are enough to melt down people into submission. This time Germany based photographer Jan Erik Waider has brought us the magnificence of these glaciers in his series, “Remnants”, from his travels to Greenland, Iceland, and Norway. The photographer made sure to capture the landscape from unique angles that have never been seen before, even by the tourists since he managed to seek out many hidden and remote locations.

“Powerful waves wash around them and drag them further ashore, after they drifted aimlessly in the sheltered lagoon for months,” Waider reveals while explaining the gorgeous sight. “The colors tell stories about age and density, and they speak of the history of the volcanoes that let black ash rain down and darkened the skies.”

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All Images: © Jan Erick Waider

h/t: Colossal

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