You might never have to deal with stinky shoes anymore with Panasonic’s shoe deodorizer

Scared of wearing your favourite pair of sneakers for the fear of bad smell? Trust us, the dread is universal and this is why Panasonic has come up with a product to counter the stinky shoes forever. It’s called the MS-DS100 and uses some fancy  ‘nanoe X’ technology to remove all that foul odour from your shoes. To elaborate further, nanoe X refers to nano-sized electrostatic atomized water particles to dissolve and eliminate unpleasant smell from your shoes. Foot sweat and bacteria contributes towards the formation of isovaleric acid inside your shoes which actually produces the unpleasant smell. What Panasonic’s shoe deodorizer does that, it generates and exhales hydroxyl radicals and ion particles leaving the interior fabric unscented.

Panasonic shoe deodorizer 2

Now, how does the MS-DS100 works? It’s quite simple. All you have to do is plug-in the device, choose between two operation modes—normal or long, stick it in one of your pair of shoes and let the device’s six outlets blast a stream of highly charge particles to every corner of your shoe to eliminate any pungent smell. A normal mode takes 5 hours to remove unpleasant odour while the long 7 hour mode is used as a kind of deep clean cycle to remove stubborn smells. The device can run still run on mobile battery in case no AC power outlet is available.

Panasonic shoe deodorizer 3

The shoe deodorizer will be launched in Japan on september 20, 2018 and since it is a single purpose product, its price is expected to be quite steep. The company plans to create only 1000 of these pieces per month so you’d really have to rush to get your hands on it.

Images: © Panasonic

h/t: Verge

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