Urban residents can now harvest and conserve rain water using new Aquatecture Panels

They say the third World War is likely to break out due to the lack of water availability which clearly highlights the seriousness of the issue. Day in, day out we see different awareness walks and advertisements promoting water conservation among general public. Clean water is already a scarcity in places like South Africa but little are we doing to preserve it. Local architect of South Africa, Shaakira Jassat of Studio Sway has come forward with an initiative to not only save water but to also clean it. She introduced what are called Aquatecture panels. These panels not only collect rainwater that pours over a building but also transfers it to the building’s gray water in order to clean it.

Aquatecture Panels

These aquatecture panels are designed as such to not only work in urban but rural areas as well. The entire purpose of its design was for it to be introduced in the urban areas where space is limited and setting of water-harvesting equipment such as water tanks is not affordable. These thin panels are carefully designed to collect as much rainwater as possible with the bonus of providing an exceptionally pleasing aesthetic look to your home. They were made with close consultation of the Japanese designer Aya Kawasaki and are also available in fan-like shapes. Moreover, the entire structure is made from stainless steel which provides extra durability and a rust-free, long-lasting experience to its customers.

Aquatecture Panels

The most intriguing part about aquatecture panels is its ability to convert moisture from the atmosphere into water. Jassat, the architect behind this entire initiative says, the main purpose of these panels is to conserve as much water as possible especially in the urban areas; hence they built them with equipment to somehow produce water on its own. According to Jassatt the days where water would be available on-demand are near and need to be prepared.

Aquatecture Panels

Image Credits: Studio Sway
h/t: Inhabitat

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