Tiburon Bay View Residence blends seamlessly into its surrounding landscapes

The Tiburon Bay View Residence from Walker Warner Architects is definitely a show stopper when it comes to architectural wonders. Located in the Tiburon Peninsula in Marin County, California, the structure boasts of creativity and elegance.

In order to create an architecture that easily blends in with the environment and takes advantage of the natural views around its premises the residence has been well structured and designed. The Walker Warner Architects have created a mixture of Aegean limestone, western red cedar, zinc, and board formed concrete for the detailing which not only brings out the structural contours but also highlights the scenery around the area.

The Tiburon Bay View Residence achieves its basic function of providing a comfortable interior while showcasing an interior design that is bound to strike and catch your eye! The first and the most noticeable feature is the gleaming red door, out in the front that opens up into a spacious hallway which is flooded with natural sunlight.

At the ground floor, public spaces which call for a much bigger audience have been designated as formal entertaining spaces. When you move to the top of the Tiburon Bay View Residence, you will be greeted with bedrooms, a garage and auto court. Nicole Hollis has been the lead designer who has managed to fill the interiors of the residence with modern yet sleek details.

Throughout the residence, floor to ceiling windows have been fitted which allow you to take advantage of the surrounding views from every room around the house. Considering the Californian weather, on the open end of the ground an outdoor swimming pool has been set up which plays an important role in adding much more significance to the residence.

The Tiburon Bay View Residence offers luxury and comfort all in one with excruciating attention given to minor details and can definitely be considered one of the top ten architectural properties around California!

All Images: © Laure Joliet via Design Milk

Architects: Walker Warner Architects

h/t: Design Milk

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