This Swedish villa opens up to a heavenly surrounding

We understand that any home in a country like Sweden would have a wonderful view of the nature that surrounds the property but, we bet not many houses are constructed in a way that allow the view to engulf its residents even when they are indoors. Villa Sunnanö, designed by the Stockholm based architecture company, Murman Arkitekter most definitely falls in the latter category.

Lake house Lake house Lake house Lake house Lake house sweden villa 13

The house is situated right in front of a lake and is surrounded by pine trees from all the sides. The architects erected the structure of the house by using wooden blocks hence giving it a barn-like vibe to go with the landscape. The house features many windows which frame the outdoor views of the lake and the pine tree woodland exquisitely. “To reduce the scale and to allow clear definition of the functions of the building, the wings end with patio spaces that allow you to take advantage of the light and views in different directions,” elaborate the architects while describing their design.

Lake house Lake house Lake house Lake house Lake house

Image Credits: © Åke Eson Lindman
Property: Villa Sunnanö
Architects: Murman Arkitekter
h/t: Ignant

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