This stunning house in Switzerland costs $10 million!

Italian firm Droulers Architecture has recently renovated the iconic 639-square-meter Mario Campi and Franco Messina’s 1964 Brutalist villa in Switzerland’s town, Muzzano. Undoubtedly, the revamping of the house is done in such a tasteful manner that it still retains the Milanese touch that was so prominent in Europe in that era.

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The house features floor-to-ceiling windows that look over the green forest and Japanese-style pool. However, the beautiful woodcraft on the ceilings and the walls take one’s attention away from even the mesmerizing landscape. The coffered concrete ceilings, the glasswork, the rows and rows of windows on the second floor and the wooden panels, all give the house many layers of textures that bring out the nostalgia of the old times.

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The six-bedroom and five-bathroom house features an indoor swimming pool, hidden walkways, step-down kitchen, expansive dining area and some really beautiful terraces and decks. What more, can you ask? You can see the stunning Lake Lugano from the house, as well and since everything comes for a price, you can get hold of this perfect house for $10 million!

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All Images: Courtesy of Christie’s International Real Estate

Architects: Droulers Architecture

h/: Curbed

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