Danish artist brings these cartoon characters to life with his 3D drawings

A pen and a paper and breakthrough caliber of HuskMitNavn (which translates to “Remember My Name”) can turn any inert drawing into a living one. The Danish artist and muralist creates breathtaking three-dimensional drawings of cartoons stuck in funny situations, just by doodling obsessively.

“It’s a long (and ongoing) process coming up with the 3D drawings,” HuskMitNavn explains. “I have been making so many drawing on flat paper my whole life and one day a few years ago I just started to experiment with the paper to see if could add another dimension to it. The idea is to make it very simple only using A4 size paper and a pen. No scissors or glue. I want everybody to join in and also try to sketch 3D drawings at the kitchen table.”

The witty art has gotten a lot of attention since the artist started displaying it on his website and Instagram and this has bagged him his very own solo exhibition titled TEGN at Nikolaj Kunsthal in Copenhagen.

3D art 8

3D art 21

3D art 20

3D art 15

3D art 1

3D art 7

3D art 10

3D art 3

3D art 2

3D art 4

3D art 5

3D art 6

3D art 9

3D art 12

3D art 13

3D art 14

3D art 16

3D art 17

3D art 18

3D art 19

3D art 22

3D art 23

Images: © HuskMitNavn

h/t: Colossal

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