This resort in Hunza, Pakistan will make you want to plan a vacation right away!

What’s your ideal vacation spot? A serene place surrounded by snow-capped mountains, greenery and a lake, maybe? If that’s a yes then heading over to Hunza will be the perfect holiday plan for you.

The valley of Hunza in the Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan is known for its mesmerising scenery, hospitable people and enriching culture. However, recently it has created a buzz in the tourism industry due to the Attabad Lake that formed accidentally because of a landslide in 2010. The sparkling blue water lake has enhanced the overall scenic beauty of the area and has become one of the famous spots amongst the tourist because it offers fun recreational activities such as boating, fishing and jet skiing to them. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? But there’s more!

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This gorgeous piece of heaven on earth is now not just a beautiful place to look at but also an extremely comfortable place to be in, thanks to the 5-star luxury resort, Luxus Hunza. The resort features 59 aesthetically designed rooms, each with the stunning view of the lake. The chalets are perfect for a weekend getaway or even for a special honeymoon trip.

Luxus Hunza The Attabad Lake Resort Pakistan Luxus Hunza The Attabad Lake Resort Pakistan Luxus Hunza The Attabad Lake Resort Pakistan Luxus Hunza The Attabad Lake Resort Pakistan Luxus Hunza The Attabad Lake Resort Pakistan

The Lake View Chalet offers a single bed while the Panoramic and Infinity Lake View chalets offer master bed for two people. However, an en-suite bathroom is available in all three categories. Moreover, the resort offers to make all kinds of arrangements for you to enjoy trekking, horse riding, camping and water sports, all in the natural environment of Hunza. However, if you are not an outdoor person then you can just spend a carefree time in the spa, rooftop restaurant, health club or the lush green garden that the resort features. You can book a room for PKR 18000 (120 USD) per night in this perfect holiday spot at anytime you want.

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All Images: © Luxus Hunza

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