This eccentric house exudes nothing but charisma

Looking for one of a kind home for yourself? This 2,400-square-foot home at the Montana’s Big Belt Mountains by architect William Massie will be hard to beat with its unusual cylindrical façade. The interior of the house is as eccentric as the exterior with everything arranged in accordance with the spiral metal staircase. However, all three floors surprisingly exhibit a linear space enclosed with a floor-to-ceiling window at one end. The house features a living room, a tastefully furnished open kitchen with a dining area, a well-lit study and an open bedroom.

Contrary to the peculiar modern feel of the home, its surroundings rather serve as a conventional and traditional vacation spot, allowing the dwellers to go on fishing, hunting, skiing or just to have a tour of the Yellowstone National Park. The house is up on listing for a mere $625,000 which might seem steep to some but nothing to people of good taste and big pockets.

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h/t: Curbed

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