Naked Labs’ 3D scanning mirror lets you keep track of your body fats

“Naked Labs” has invented the first ever home-based 3D body scanner mirror of the world. This scanner mirror is capable of taking 360-degree images of a person. This scanner is capable of maintaining the fat percentage records, fat mass records, body measurement records and much more records of the user.

Naked Labs 3D Scanning Mirror 1

Images Credit: Naked Labs

The 3D scanner has two parts, a scale which is equipped with sensors, a computer to control the sensors and a rotatory weight scale that moves around a person so that a scanning mirror can take a picture of the body. The three integrated Intel depth sensors bounce the light off your body at all angles while instantaneously weighing a person.

Naked Labs 3D Scanning Mirror 5

Images Credit: Naked Labs

“Naked Labs” is using the super-powered processors in the scanning mirror device. The super processor is capable of converting the raw data of approximately 4 GB into a 3D version of the user. The images taken by the scanner mirror are managed and shared from it to the cloud. The cloud transfers these images to the mobile app of Naked Labs. This scanning device is equipped with RAM, 4GB DDR4 RAM. 64GB SSD and Intel x 86 processor.

Naked Labs 3D Scanning Mirror 2

Images Credit: Naked Labs

Naked Labs is using an algorithm to compare images and pictures captured by the mirror, against a database of body sizes and dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry (DEXA) scan data rather than using bioelectric impedance analysis to calculate the percentage of body fat. A person can examine the historical data and information with detailed graphs and charts. A person can also notice the changes in the body by visualizing the side by side comparisons with progress measured following key measurements that look at certain portions of the body.

In last year, the company has started taking pre-orders for a naked 3D fitness tracker with a price tag of 1,395$.

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