This adorably hilarious television series shows the secret lives of objects

Ever wondered what would it be like if objects could speak and do as they please? Argentinian director Juan Pablo Zaramella apparently thought of it so much that he couldn’t resist himself from making an adorable stop-motion television series out of it. Zaramella’s Spanish series which loosely translates in English to “The Way Things Are”, basically comprises of one-minute long videos of inanimate objects going about on their interesting endeavors. The quirky dialogues in Spanish and sound effects make the episodes incredibly funny but do not worry if you cannot fathom the language since you will get the hilarious contexts anyway.

The project has already won big at Big Cartoon Festival 2018 and Cyber Sousa / Xiamen International Animation Festival and we bet it will win your hearts too once you start watching the series!

Video Courtesy: Juan Pablo Zaramella

Juan Pablo Zaramella: Website | Vimeo

h/t: Colossal

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