This geometric light projection work will take you to the world of outer space

It is impossible for most of us to even dream of going to space one day to witness the unimaginable beauty of celestial bodies however thanks to light-based audio-visual installation by Joanie Lemercier, we do not need to go to the space at all. The installation is aptly named Constellations as it lets the viewers explore the vastness of universe albeit in a small room. The art piece makes use of water to project the 3D light work hence it results in morphed geometry, ripples and holographic effect that draws you into another world in just a few moments. Paul Jebanasam’s produced soundscape further accentuates the whole experience, leaving the spectators completely fascinated.

“It’s an exploration of the stars, constellations and the vastness of the cosmos, suggesting the beauty of geometry, simple and complex structures of the universe,” share Lemercier. You can check out the video of the project right here!

Constellation Joanie Lemercier Constellation Joanie Lemercier Constellation by Joanie Lemercier Constellation Joanie Lemercier

Video and Images: © Joanie Lemercier

Joanie Lemercier: Website | Instagram | Twitter

h/t: Colossal

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