These tiny bluetooth speakers are a nostalgic tribute to the 70’s technology

Is it an old TV? Is it an antique radio? It is neither! These cute pastel boxes look somewhat similar to the vintage TV or radios that used to be the luxury items in the 1970s are in actual Bluetooth speakers. The lofree QTV does have an outdated appearance but the technology in it is quite state-of-the-art with 7v 2000Ah of built-in power which gives a lasting battery of 5 hours of continuous functioning of the 40mm full frequency and backward speaker. The product also consists of a built-in-timer which lets it double as an alarm clock and this really takes us on a nostalgic 70’s tech-trip.

lofree 8

lofree 12

lofree 1

lofree 11

lofree 4

lofree 10

lofree 2

lofree 13

lofree 6

lofree 7

lofree 14

All Images: Lofree

h/t: Design Boom

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