Leandro Corradini introduced FlyDOO to make hot air ballooning easier for everyone

Leandro Corradini, an Italian aviation entrepreneur is launching an easy to fly hot air balloon for everyone who wishes to feel free among the birds without the need to figure out technical complications. The FlyDoo Light Sport Balloon System is an easy and simple hot air balloon with four basic parts: The envelope, basket, burner and vectored thrust unit (VTU). With easy portability, the parts can be set up at your desired location.

FlyDOO Hot Air Balloon System 1


The envelope is called the WeDOO1600 and is the world’s lightest along with being compact. It is made out of Skytex which is a rip stop material and can bear the weight of two people on average. The ECO XL basket itself weighs around 45 kg and is made up of a titanium frame, a nylon skin and four walls. Additionally a lightweight honeycomb sandwich composite material has been used to make the non-slip floor for easy movement and access. Your little useful accessories can also be accommodated in purpose built pockets, and apart from the passengers, it can carry four gas tanks as well. Once you have assembled the balloon, you can attach suspendible wheels, and tow it around using a bicycle.

FlyDOO Hot Air Balloon System 3


The burner, PocketJET, weighs only 7 kgs, being the lightest of its type and has two fuel hoses. It is accompanied with a spring-assisted mounting system that helps it detach from the frame.

The VTU is the control unit of this device. It is attached to the sides of the baskets and helps suspend it into midair. It works with a battery and can be directed towards the required path by steering it horizontally. The 25 kg weight ensures that the VTU does not play a role in weighing down the basket.

FlyDOO Hot Air Balloon System 2


According to Leandro, the genius behind FlyDOO, the complete device can easily be available for €30,000 and will soon be introduced to the public.

h/t: New Atlas

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