These photographs of white sand dunes will mesmerize and intimidate you at the very same time

We are all big fans of desert photography, thanks to the immensely talented landscape photographers all around the globe, however, these shots of white sand dunes found in the southern end of New Mexico by Navid Baraty would leave you completely awestruck!

Baraty gives a detailed account of his 7200 miles long solo journey in which he describes his journey as well as the thoughts that rushed in his mind when he came face to face with the majestic and absolutely disorienting sight of the White Sands. “I spent five days driving around all of New Mexico and it was my favorite place on the trip. There’s something about the landscape that’s just so magical and mysterious, and I see why New Mexico’s motto is the Land of Enchantment. I’d seen many photos of White Sands over the years and I’ve always wanted to go see it for myself. I found that the look and color of the white gypsum sand changed so much with the varying light and shadow at different times of the day. I’d planned to camp on the dunes the night I arrived, but unfortunately, there were storms and lightning in the forecast,” he explains, “and they don’t recommend camping on top of dunes when there’s potential lightning as it can be quite dangerous. It’s so easy to get lost and lose your sense of direction. You really only have the mountains on the horizon and some trail markers in the dunes to orient yourself.”

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Image Credits: © Navid Baraty

Navid Baraty: Website | Instagram | Facebook

h/t: My Modern Met

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