Olympic torch of 2020 Tokyo Olympics pays homage to Japan in a very special manner

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics are making it to the headlines every day and for all the right reasons. This time around, the rave is all about the Olympics Torch that was revealed to the public at the recent press conference. The design pays ode to the city through its cherry blossom design which is conceptualized by the genius, Tokujin Yoshioka himself. The torch design consists of five petal-shaped cylinders in needless to say, pink tone. Each cylinder would light up to symbolize the message of Olympics, “Hope lights our way,” in the opening ceremony of the 121-day relay race.

olympic 1

However, what is truly special about this torch is the fact that it is entirely made up of the aluminum waste produced from the temporary housing that was built as an after effect of the Great East Japan Earthquake. Hence it symbolizes the message of the Olympics not just in its looks but also in its spirits. Aren’t you all just loving the eco-friendly Olympic approach that Japan is taking?

olympic 5

olympic 4

olympic 3

Image Credits: © Tokyo 2020

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