These handcrafted glow-in-the-dark wall clocks are the most amazing thing ever

Outer space is truly mesmerizing in very sense possible and since it has managed to captivate everyone’s attention at all times and ages, it wouldn’t entirely be a bad idea to introduce a slice of the space to our very own homes. Contemporary glass artist Milica Dimitrova has collaborated with her partner, Dimitar to do just that. Dimitrova handcrafts glass wall clocks with spellbinding swirls of acrylic paints to match the beauty of Milky Way. To make them even more fascinating, she paints the whole work with an extra layer of luminescent paint hence the glass wall clocks imitate the twinkling of Milky Way when kept in dark. Check out some of these wall clocks right here and if you wish to buy any of these, head on to their Etsy shop.

All Images: © Etsy Shop

Milica Dimitrova: Etsy | Instagram

h/t: My Modern Met

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