These exploded 3-D sculpture pays tribute to the classic machinery of 20th century

There have been a few innovations in the course of history which proved be exceptional game changers of 20th century and ultimately became the foundation that paved way for the establishment of modern technology. Artist John Peralta paid tribute to these classic innovations with the creation of his installation, “Mechanations”. The 3-D sculpture features antique film projectors, sewing machines, typewriters, screws, wheels and lightbulbs. Peralta discussed his inspiration behind this project on his website, saying, “I was inspired by its fragile beauty, and imagined a three-dimensional version with a real object. Using only a ruler and simple tools, which I still use today, I developed techniques for suspension which expose the inner workings of these humble mechanical objects.”

The installation will be exhibited at George Billis at the upcoming SOFA fair and we are sure it will attract everyone who is interested in the evolution of machinery before digital revolution.

RED EYE, 2018

Singer Model 66-1 “Red Eye” sewing machine (c. 1941), wood, steel, gold leaf, resin, mono-filament, LED lighting


Polaroid Land Camera Model 150 (c. 1957), aluminum, wood, acrylic, fluorocarbon mono-filament

KEYSTONE K109, 2018

Keystone Regal 8mm Silent Film Projector Model K-109 (c. 1953), wood, latex, steel & fluorocarbon mono-filament, LED lighting


Blickensderfer No. 8 (Aluminum Body) Typewriter (c. 1908-1910), wood, steel, steel & fluorocarbon mono-filaments

All Images: © John Peralta

John Peralta:  Website | Instagram

h/t: Colossal

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