The Wave House In Venice Is An Architectural Beauty You’d Want To Reside In Immediately!

If you are one of those people who consider houses not just as homes but as a style statement then this Wave House in Venice will surely become your instant favourite. Mario Ramano created the whole shell of the house with giant pieces of aluminum and cedar blocks to give the roof a wave-type-look and to enhance its appearance, he gave the roof an immensely atypical shape by keeping the edges round and the surface undulated.

The house is as majestic from the inside as it is on the outside with its entrance being a high nine-foot-tall door made up of skateboard decks. The five-bedroom and four-bathroom house radiates openness in its design with 14 foot-high ceiling and nine-foot-tall sliding glass walls separating the interior from the outdoor spaces.

The house provides not just a luxurious outlook but a vast comfortable living space for a large family. It is located to the east of Rose Avenue and Lincoln Boulevard in Venice and is up for sale for a $6.498 million.

Photography by Jason Speth | Courtesy of Partners Trust

References: Dezeen, Curbed, AD

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