Ten Most Produced Units in a Year

Technological advancement that has taken place in the past few decades has turned the tables around for every aspect of human life. With every passing day, old things are being replaced by the new ones thus shaping the trends of human needs. Manufacturing industry is trying hard to produce the required commodities by maintaining a fair balance of supply and demand with constantly changing trends of the market. It would be an interesting study to find out, that which products are toping the charts in terms of production. Higher rates of production also reflect a high trend of demand. With few interesting surprises, let’s have a look at the top 10 articles that are the most produced, in a year.

10. Book Titles: 1 million/year
9. iPads: 19.5 million/year
8. Washing Machines: 50.1 million/year
7. iPods: 51 million/year
6. Cars: 51.9 million/year
5. Bicycles: 105 million/year
4. Computers: 364 million/year
3. Tyres: 1.4 billion/year
2. Mobile Phones: 1.6 billion/year
1. Lego Bricks: 36 billion/year


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