No Time to Weight Around

There is no scarcity of people in this world who want to make a name in their own way; some through their intellect, some through their muscles and sometimes being completely brainless. There is one such example, when Derek Boyer from Australia tried to earn a name for himself through his muscles. On September 2nd, 2011 Derek set out to break the world record for the “Fastest 20m carrying 300kg on shoulders”. Running with 300kg of weight across your shoulders was a tough ask and indeed required tremendous strength and power. Another factor that made this task a little trickier for Derek was the ground being at an ascent. So he had to run slightly uphill. But this didn’t stop Derek form shattering the world record in 6.88 seconds. The event was organized by a company called Neo NetWise and all funds raised (from donations etc) went to a charity for children.

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