Self-driving shuttle service ‘Optimus Ride’ is being tested in New York city

Driverless cars have arrived in Brooklyn. Well, yes, you heard it right!

Optimus Ride, the leading self-driving vehicle technology company which is developing systems for geo-fenced environments, will be the first self-driving start-up that will operate the service in the state of New York. These vehicles have six seats for passengers across three rows. They are going to provide shuttle services within the Brooklyn Navy Yard, and in case of problems, a safety driver, as well as an Optimus staff observer on board, will also be there all the time. Also, a stop at new ferry landing on-site is included, which means daily travellers have the option to sit down for their last-mile needs. Per day, Optimus Ride will transport about 500 passengers and more than 16000 travellers each month. They are also in operation in various cities across the U.S., such as Boston, Virginia, California and Massachusetts.

As an ideal environment, Brooklyn Navy Yard is hosting about 10,000 workers. In addition, private roads are also included, which means Optimus Ride does not have to stress over public road rules and regulations. In fact, in Fairfield, California, Optimus Ride will also be launching autonomous vehicles on the land of an 80-acre retirement community. It is expected that these autonomous shuttle services will turn out to be progressively common as autonomous vehicle companies are acuminating their technology to improve its dependability and well-being across a scope of driving conditions.

According to Optimus Ride’s CEO and co-founder Ryan Chin this shuttle service, as well as previous deployments of Optimus Ride vehicles, show that autonomous vehicles can work today in “structured environments.” According to him, people will be exposed to autonomous driving, and in this way, technology would also be acceptable to everyone.

These shuttle services are using CUDA libraries which quickens their computation for a variety of software modules, which includes detection of any object. This fast execution empowers them to wisely, securely and flawlessly make their way from the NYC Ferry stop at the Brooklyn Navy Yard to the transit stop at Cumberland Gate.

In densely populated areas, it is still a long, long way off for these shuttle services.

h/t: Digital Trends

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