Photographer creates neon halos around scenic landscapes of Oregon and Iceland

A passionate traveler with an imaginative mind and a drone is all that is needed to create exceptionally magical photographs. French fine artist, Ludwig Favre has proved that he befits this description perfectly through his ‘Neon’ series. Favre traveled through Oregon in America and Iceland in the Nordic region to capture their unparalleled mesmerizing landscape in long exposure portraits. The photographer quite cleverly used his drone to illuminate the landscapes at night so that the beautiful locations could be anointed with neon-lit halo rings. Favre explains the thought behind this method, “The series represents the spiritual side of each place, depicting a form of energy in nature” and hence the series symbolizes the power “of the planet earth we have to protect for the future generations”.

neon 2

neon 4

neon 3

neon 1

All Images: © Ludwig Favre

h/t: Ignant

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