Autonomous farming robot, SwagBot is set to be commercialized by 2020

Aggeris SwagBot robot was first revealed in 2016 and its exquisite agricultural abilities were observed. It was witnessed how a robot could perform tasks such as weed removal, yield calculation and various types of crop inspection. The company later raised well above US$4.6 Million and Is planning to take the technology to AI kingdom. The new version is autonomously controlled and will be able to do multitasking in the field like removing the weeds while inspecting the soil and crop standards.

Agerris SwagBot Digital Farmhand
Credit: Agerris/University of Sydney

The Aggeris Swagbot has another outstanding feature which enables to herd the cattle on its own which might relieve the farmers of a very hectic job. Another objective Aggeris is currently working on is called digital farmhand which, according to Aggeris, could perform tasks such as automated nonchemical weed removal and spray the insecticides/pesticides on the crops in a smart manner. Aggeris believes that the digital farmhand will be economical and will be affordable by farmers from developing countries. The future of autonomous and smart farming is very bright with its user friendly and cost effective designs and performance. The SwagBot and digital farmhand are set to be commercialized within a year from its homeland, Australia.

Source: Agerris (via: New Atlas)

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