Photographer Captures Real Life Snow Globes That Will Make You Fall In Love With Them

There’s no denying that snow globes have been a personal favourite to everyone at one point or another but Michigan based photographer, Hope Carter has a knack of creating her own snow globes and keep them safe in the form of photographs.

Carter creates soap bubbles by herself or sometime buys soap bubble mixtures off the shelves and then, she just blows them away in the freezing cold of the northern Hemisphere till they turn into real life snow globes. Carter captures them from unique camera angles and even though it all sounds fairly simple, it takes a lot of time and patience to click the perfect picture before the bubbles pop up. Moreover, it not only requires perfect timing but pure technical knowledge and skills to capture the delicate snow bubbles at the right time and at the right speed. However, this technical perspective might seem pretty effortless in the magical work created by the photographer.

Carter has 80 unique pictures of different soap bubbles and you can view some right here!

bubble 8

bubble 5

bubble 2

bubble 10

bubble 6

bubble 1

bubble 3

bubble 7

bubble 4

bubble 9

Images: © Hope Carter

Source:  My Modern Met

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