Meet Gita, an autonomous cargo robot that will follow you home with all your stuff in it

Can you imagine someone who goes shopping with you, carries all your goods with you, and never complains? Piaggio Group has made that thought a reality by launching the Gita (“jee-ta”).

Only 25inches tall, Gita has a carrying capacity of 40 pounds and can go as fast as 34 kilometers per hour. It can recognize its owner and is intelligent enough to “map” environments and navigate its journey autonomously.

Gita Storage Robot 2

Image: Piaggio Fast Forward

The company has compared Gita to a high-performance motorcycle in terms of safety, balance and braking, along with other vehicle dynamics. However, it looks nothing like a motorcycle. Bright blue in color, Gita looks like a drum with a wheel on either side. The top has a lid which opens up to reveal a storage space.

Gita Storage Robot 3

Image: Piaggio Fast Forward

Gita Storage Robot 9

Image: Piaggio Fast Forward

Technology wise, Gita is using Simultaneous Localization and Mapping or “SLAM”, which essentially creates a 3-D point cloud map of the walking trail of the owner. Gita has a great battery life and with only three hours of charging, it can move around for 8 hours on a normal walking speed. It has also been designed to automatically park itself when not in use.

Gita Storage Robot 1

Image: Piaggio Fast Forward

“Gita frees up the human hand to focus on complex and creative everyday tasks by taking over mundane transportation chores”, said Jeffrey Schnapp, CEO of Piaggio Fast Forward.

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