Pictar Pro gives your smartphone DSLR-like controls

With smartphones having such apt DSLR qualities, people find it more useful to carry their cellphone around for photography instead of a professional camera. However, there are still areas of improvement that could make photographs and videos on a phone even better.

The Miggo Pictar Pro fills these gaps by providing iPhone and Androids with a viewfinder and DSLR-like control wheels and an extra battery that supports Qi wireless charging. What’s even more impressive is that you can do all this without a Wi-Fi or cabled connection to the phone. The Pictar Pro provides the most exquisite DSLR experience on a smartphone. Similar to the original Pictar released in 2016, the new one also comes with a larger grip, control dials and a shutter button to capture photos. Unlike the old one however, the new Pictar Pro comes with a zoom toggle that functions with both photos and videos.

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The satin-finish brass-body device comes with four large control wheels and buttons for a simplified use. While one wheel controls the exposure to light up or dim down the image, a second smart wheel selects the shooting mode available on the Pictar app. The modes include auto, shutter priority, ISO priority, manual, macro, video, selfie, sport, and filters. Furthermore, this wheel can also function as a button to select the flash modes. If you wish to change the purpose of the button, you can do so via the Pictar app. Not only that, the device also contains the multi-state shutter release and a rocker zoom switch.

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One of the many amenities of the Pictar Pro also includes the optional viewfinder. If desired the user can attach the viewfinder via a dedicated slot to sit over the top of the phone’s screen. Next, the screen resizes to fit the viewfinder. It also comes with an optical plastic lens that eliminates direct sunlight glare to give a softer and viewable image even under extremely bright conditions. When its purpose is fulfilled, the viewfinder retreats into its compact storage space. In addition, a cold shoe connection located at the top of the camera contains accessories, like a video light or microphone. You can also switch up lenses and attach the one that fulfills your needs.

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Since the Pictar Pro doesn’t connect to the phone via wires, it uses sound instead. When the user changes the control, the app detects the sound, processes it and makes the required changes to the settings. Apart from these spectacular features, the device is also quite user friendly. It comes with a neck and wrist strap for the photographer to use with ease and a tripod mount screw at the bottom. The Pictar Pro proves to be a durable and robust device, and thanks to a spring-loaded mechanism, it can accommodate the largest phones.

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Miggo has launched the Pictar Pro on Kickstarter with bids starting at $119. They estimate the delivery date sometime in the beginning of 2019.

All Images: © Miggo

h/t: Digital Trends

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