This satisfying animated video will take you on a colourful Rube Goldberg-esque ride!

If you are up for a colourful animation ride that would last for only 45 seconds but will leave you completely satisfied then this experimental animation film, TINK by motion design studio Mr. Kaplin should undoubtedly be your pick of the day. The short video depicts the complicated functionality of an illusory Rube Goldberg-like machine and hence shows the many interestingly shaped and coloured ball bearings, moving vertically upwards or rolling down the slope. The captivating movements of the ball bearings and the adorable colour palette will keep you transfixed to your screen and will sap away all the tensions on your mind. Give it a try!


Images: © Mr Kaplin

Mr. Kaplin:  Instagram | Vimeo

h/t: Colossal

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