Photographer captures the absurdity of life in the most artistic manner ever!

We all come across inconvenient and contradictory instances every day the most but it surely took an artist’s eyes to notice the aesthetics of those scenarios more than often. Brooklyn-based photographer Ben Zank like any good artist, doesn’t take such scenes for granted at all. Instead, the photographer captures some beautifully surreal pictures that seize the absurdity of life in all its honesty. Not to mention, the photographer pulls off in showing these struggles with a bit of witty humour. Zank includes figures in some of the compositions but never in a direct manner and hence the portraits are almost always obscure in his photographs. Check out Zank’s wonderful work right here!

zank 3

zank 4

zank 5

zank 2

zank 6

zank 8

zank 7

All Images: © Ben Zank

Ben Zank: Website | Instagram

h/t: Colossal

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