This minimalist vacation home features beautiful charred timber façade

Minimalist homes go perfectly well with the backdrop of thick forests but owning such a place is definitely not even half as easy as just dreaming about it. However, if you do wish to spend some time in a beautifully designed minimalist home with charred timber façade then you might be able to get it on rent!

Dualchas, have recently designed a home called Black H in Scotland’s Isle of Skye and we bet you would fall in love with the black larch slats clad house as soon as you lay your eyes on it. The house is parted into two volumes with one featuring an open kitchen, dining area and a living room just a few steps below while the other one includes just the bedroom. The façade is enclosed with two glass walls on either ends which lets the residents enjoy sweeping views of Loch Vatten and Loch Bracadale right from the comfort of the home. As expected, the interior of the house is as minimalist as its exterior, featuring natural tones, warm wood furniture, concrete floors, white plain walls and some charred timber sections. Sounds exactly like a place where you would love to live? Rent it out now through Urlaubs Architektu and see how vacationing in a minimalist home feel like!

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All Images: © Felix Mooneeram/Adam Duckett via The Spaces

Project: Black H

Architects: Dualchas

h/t: The Spaces

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