Ovie’s smart food storage containers keep a check on your food’s expiry

It has gotten way too easy to connect with people, things and possibly with the food in your fridge. Yes, you read that right! The all new smart Tupperware containers compatible with Amazon’s Alexa are currently on Kickstater. The Ovie Smarterware food storage system allows you to track the food in your fridge so that you don’t have to go through the guilt-laden process of putting it out in the trash. Something we all need as there’s always that one dish or vegetable we completely forget about.

Ovie Smartware 7 Ovie Smartware 6

Coming towards this food storage system, it has several components: a clip for food bags or a connector for takeout boxes and a SmartTag that fits onto the Ovie container. In order to activate it, all you need to do is press the button on the tag to turn it on and enter the food details on the app so that it knows what it is tracking – you can either enter it manually or tell Alexa (talk about convenience!). According to Ovie, the SmartTag’s batteries are powerful enough to last for 12-18 months.

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The company is also trying to make the system compatible with Google Home for a better experience. You might be wondering by now how the system finds out when the food is going bad, it is quite simple. The company has already done its homework; they have formed a database of food spoilage times. Using this database, the SmartTag begins the countdown as soon as it has been tagged to a food item. Don’t worry though, if you want that slice of cheesecake to be there for longer, you can just change the timing yourself.

Ovie Smartware 1 Ovie Smartware 3

When the light on the tag goes green, it means that the food has been recently tagged. The green light stays for half of the duration till which the food is edible. After this, the light turns yellow which means you don’t have much time left. Once light goes red, you have no option but to throw it away. Besides sending alert messages, the app also shares recipes and tips with the user based on the ingredients in the fridge. That’s pretty cool, no?

Ovie Smartware 2

You may reject this technology based on the fact that you can tell when the food’s gone bad by smelling it but do you really like smelling rotten fruits or bad milk? I doubt it. You can get three Ovie SmartTags, three universal connectors and an Ovie Hub for a price of US $60 (according to Kickstarter). Shipping is scheduled for February 2019 if all goes well!

Images: © Ovie

h/t: Digital Trends

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