Now drones can have extended flight time with GET’s wireless charging system

Imagine having a drone that never runs out of battery. Sounds impossible but it might well be true. Global Energy Transmission (GET) recently unveiled their mid-air inductive charging system that allows multiple drones to recharge without landing even once. Seems unbelievable? Keep on reading to know how they made it happen!

The GET system consists of wires wrapped around poles that form a hexagonal shape having a 10 m (32 ft) diameter, hence resembling a gazebo. Once the drone flies into it, the frame generates up to 12 kilowatts of power at 80 percent efficiency. A drone receives 25 minutes worth of power if it hovers over the hexagon for over six minutes. Furthermore, if needed, the user can charge multiple drones within the same premises.

This one-of-a-kind charger is ideal for videographers who can carry it around with them to shoot in remote areas as well. GET ideally imagines these charging hoops to be arranged at several miles from each other, allowing drones to go on long distances without having a human stop and put new batteries in each time.

If this plan does come to life, we’ll have drones roaming around us 24/7. Not sure if that’s the best idea around.

h/t: New Atlas

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