This Super Sleek Desk Lamp Doubles Up as Wireless Phone Charger

One of the most frustrating things on this planet are tangled wires! What is probably worse is losing data cables and chargers. What if you didn’t have to worry about it anymore? What if you never had to see tangled wires again? Well, it is your lucky day because Aerelight has developed an A1 desk lamp that is not only a lamp but also has the ability to charge your phone, wirelessly!

You can charge your mobiles wirelessly, Qi and PMA 1.5+ compatible devices, by placing it on the walnut base of the A1 desk lamp. Don’t worry about whether your phone will be compatible or not because major flagship phones available in the market already have wireless charging compatibility! The lamp costs $299 so if you can spend that much on a lamp, you can definitely upgrade your phone too!

Aerelight A1 Desk Lamp 5

Image: Aerelight

Aerelight A1 Desk Lamp 1

Image: Aerelight

Moreover, the lamp uses an organic light emitting diode (OLED) which has an organic-semiconductor compound that emits light when electricity passes through it. It has an ultra-thin light panel, made up of layers of organic compounds that are 100 times thinner than human hair, unlike other traditional light sources. In addition to this, it is energy efficient as it consumes 80% less energy than a traditional 60W bulb even at maximum brightness! And luckily, it is environmental friendly as well since it is both recyclable and free from any toxic materials, like mercury and lead.

Aerelight A1 Desk Lamp 2

Image: Aerelight

Furthermore, it has a tristate dimmer to adjust the brightness to the user’s needs, making it adjustable to any ambient environment – from day to night. You can touch the lamp anywhere to turn it on or off. In order to dim the light, all you need to do is touch the small light switch as the entire aluminium frame is touch sensitive. This produces sufficiently less glare than ordinary light bulbs as light is uniformly produced from a flat panel – providing more comfortable and uniform light, for reading and working purposes! Similarly, softer shadows result in less eye fatigue that one may experience when one switches one’s view from bright areas to dark areas, particularly at night. Lastly, OLED produces free of IR and UV emission light with very little heat generation. So, you can easily touch it without worrying about burning your hand even if it’s been switched on for a longer period of time.

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