SolarImpact’s solar powered futuristic yacht could cruise forever with needing any fuel

With fossil fuel having such a high carbon footprint, increasing number of companies have started to shift towards more renewable energy sources. A Swiss company called SolarImpact recently set an example for other competitors by releasing a concept of a yacht covered in 300 square meters (3,229 sq. ft.) of solar panels!

This one-of-a-kind electric watercraft measures 78-ft (24-m) and weighs almost 70-tons. Inside its ginormous body, it contains an 800 kW battery that allows a continuous travel time for 10 hours a day, while the solar panels provide it with extra time in the seas. These solar modules can generate over 320 kWh a day if the sky is clear and the sun is shining bright. Although preferred as a secondary source, the solar panels can also serve as the sole power source if the conditions are ideal.

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However, choosing to travel using purely solar energy does have its drawbacks. While the Aluminum bodied yacht can reach a top speed of 22 knots with all-electric power, the solar arrays will reduce its speed to a mere 5 knots. Meaning you’d travel around the world in six months if you’re running purely on solar. If you try to speed it up, the battery will just get drained.

A similar sized yacht running on fuel would burn around 100 liters (26 gal) of petroleum in an hour at a 10-knot cruise. In comparison, this watercraft seems a lot more environmental friendly than all other regular ones. Furthermore, if there are days when the sun isn’t shining on the panels, a pair of 65 kW (87-hp) range diesel engines is present on the voyage as backup.

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According to sources, the craft’s drive systems use AI assistance, which means that even a single person can easily guide the entire ship. Even the helm seems minimalistic for such a big craft.  Apart from its intelligent systems, the SolarImpact also consists of stabilizing technology, which are twin torpedo-shaped buoyancy hulls located under the water surface to lessen the unsteadiness caused due to side-to-side rolling by over 90 percent. This will make your voyage bump free even when the waves are crashing.

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Apart from fancy technology, the yacht consists of a super luxurious interior with guest space for over 10 people and a crew of one. SolarImpact showed-off this concept design at Cannes Yachting Festival along with its full 3D models to attract potential buyers by allowing them to explore all the yachts details themselves.

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All Images: © SolarImpact

h/t: New Atlas

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