Nissan’s Selfparking Office Chairs Will Organise Themselves With a Single Clap

Even if you don’t have OCD, misplaced chairs all over the office have the potential to ruin your mood. Now, imagine if you want to storm off because you just had a terrible meeting, but you have all these chairs blocking your way – such a buzzkill.

Nissan, taking care of our fancy needs as always, has come up with ‘Intelligent Parking Chairs’. Ever since the idea of self-parking cars has hit the market, everyone is playing with the concept in different ways. This explains the manufacturing of intelligent parking cars. The mechanism is quite simple. There are four cameras placed throughout the room, one on each wall, to give a bird eye’s view, and then through Wi-Fi, the chair locks a target and wirelessly progresses towards its destination.  These chairs can turn 360 degrees on their own, making it easy to take the shortest route to its respective destination.

With just one clap, all these chairs take their set positions! Sounds like a scene out of Disney movie, no? Well, don’t get too excited just yet because the Japanese automakers are only using this to advertise their intelligent parking assist technology. Good marketing strategy, don’t you agree? Certainly, got my attention!

So, for now keep the office neat and clean by manually pushing the chairs while keeping a smile on your face because this technology won’t be available anytime soon!

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H/T: Engadget

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