These extraordinary aerial shots of classic landscapes will refresh your mind

Who doesn’t love aerial landscape photography that has been done right? However, there’s a difference between doing it right and doing it exceptionally well and that difference is quite evident in Stockholm-based artist Tobias Hägg’s recent clicks.

Hagg’s subjects are not really unusual since he hovered his drone over typical landscapes, including forests and oceans however there is nothing quintessential about his photography. Each aerial shot explores a new dimension of the classic landscapes hence accentuating their beauty like never before. When talking about his photography, Hagg says, “I strive for perfection in all my work even though I know perfection isn’t something i can achieve. I strive for a unique perspective of life and i am on a constant chase for improvement.”

aerial 3

aerial 10

aerial 11

aerial 4

aerial 6

aerial 7

aerial 8

aerial 2

aerial 1

aerial 9

Images: © Tobias Hägg

h/t: Ignant

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