Never let your keys and other stuff go missing with Tile Tracker!

If you have been cursed with a bad memory and it gets in your away of keeping the necessities such as your wallet and keys safe and sound with yourself then you would have probably heard of Tile Tracker by now. The small Bluetooth device is latched on the things that you are likely to misplace and then they can easily be tracked down via an app that comes with the product. The misplaced object starts ringing when the app is used to track them down hence revealing its location.

The Tile Pro Series is an upgraded version of the device as it comes with greater radius of up to 200 ft, is waterproof for 60 minutes up to the depth of 4.9 ft and has a ringtone that is twice as loud as the previous versions. Moreover, the $30-dollar life saving device is now integrated with an accurate proximity sensor that respond to the user with visual and audio cues. What else could you ask for in a Bluetooth tracking device?

Tile Tracker 1 Tile Tracker 2 Tile Tracker 3 Tile Tracker 4

Images: © Tile

h/t: New Atlas

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