Mirrored Cabin blends seamlessly into surrounding Swiss Landscapes

American originator Doug Aiken has constructed a mirrored berth or compartment on a top of a mountain in Switzerland, motivated by the archetypical traditional or historical cabin, berth or chamber in the American West. The piece of work serves as artwork and will be unlocked to guests for two years.

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The cabin, berth or compartment is titled as Mirage Gstaad and is bit of Aitken’s Mirage sequence, which encompass two different cabins or berth: One in the southern California desert clearly named Mirage that’s inspired by artist Frank Lloyd Wright and second one named Mirage Detroit that placed a reflected American suburban place of residence into a previous state savings bank back to 1900.

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As its title propose, Mirage Gstaad is positioned on the Videmanette mountain close by the urban area Gstaad, in Bern, Switzerland and is located at the height of 1,202 meters or 3,493 feet. It is constructed from wood and steel, with a reflected aluminum end. This enrobes the whole exterior and nearly all of the interior. The outstanding formation throwbacks the slowly altering landscape around it. The creation of this artwork depicts the best idea of capturing the stunning and flawless scene in the mirrors of the cabin.

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“As mirage Gstaad drags the scenery in and reflects it out, this typical one-story suburban place of residence turns out to be a mesmerizing surrounding device, an emotional echo chamber countlessly flourishing in the middle of the vision of mother nature as pure unsettled state and the stalking of its conquest,” tells the press release. “Located opposite to the backdrop of Videmanette in Gstaad, Mirage Gstaad will bring the concept of the Manifest fate and the American West into consideration with the history of the sublime European landscape.”

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The same mountain location will remain the guest site – Mirage Gstaad compartment for two years up to the year 2021, so the visitors have a lot of time to make a plan to go with their friends and family members and enjoy the mirrored depths and reflections. As the weather changes in summer, the mirror shows the greenery around everywhere. So go there when seasons switch from winter to summer or summer to winter and enjoy the fact that the artwork is shifting with the changes in our lives. If you will go to visit, make sure you have packed some good quality shoes because after leaving from the nearest train station, there will be fifteen-minute hiking up to the beautiful mirrored cabin.

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All Images: © Doug Aitken/Stefan Altenburger

Sources: Doug AitkenElevation 1049 (via: New Atlas)

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