Metaform Designs Super Sleek Collective Housing Unit In Luxembourg

Collective housing units tend to look cluttered almost everytime but Metaform’s housing complex in Luxembourg is far from looking like a chaotic collective housing mess. The architectural firm has designed the houses so cleverly, using the slope of the hillside and even the curve of the road in their favour. The houses are designed in a unique crescent shape and the overall structure makes use of concrete, glass and aluminum panels, arranged in triangles. All these components however, serve a greater purpose rather than being used for the sake of appearance only.

metaform 3
metaform 2
metaform 1

The structure is divided into six semi-nested forms that curves with the road, providing maximum volume to the houses as they step down the slope of the hillside.

metaform 8 metaform 9

The north of the buildings is covered with metal to provide privacy from the front facing street to the residents while the southern and western side of the housing complex lets the natural light into the structure and allows the occupants to view the beautiful surroundings.

metaform 5 metaform 7

The partly green rooftops with aluminum panels further define the area of each house while keeping the transition subtle as well so that the houses look separate yet a part of the collective housing.

metaform 6

Images by: Steve Troes / Metaform

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