MU Architecture unveiled a minimalistic yet contemporary art studio over a cliff

Being around breathtaking landscapes and nature is certainly a source of inspiration. Hence, Montreal-based MU Architecture recently unveiled a minimalistic yet contemporary art studio that looks out towards Lake Deauville and the Laurentians’ mountainous countryside in Quebec, Canada.

This 5,000 square feet structure plays multiple roles and consists of two superimposed garages, a workshop, a spacious creative room and a mezzanine level. In order to blend into the surroundings without disturbing them, architects elevated the structure on thin pillars, hence protecting the tree line.

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The workshop faces north towards the lake and takes inspiration from the countryside in its barn-inspired design. Its exterior consists of a pre-ages gray wood and thick exterior walls fulfill the standards of Passive House construction. Given the harsh climatic conditions, the studio was also provided with high quality insulation and overhangs.

According to the architects in a statement, “Spacious but intimate, the interior volume accommodates large formats of paintings. The minimalist play of surfaces and the rigor of the alignments put the artist’s work in scene and supports his concentration. The Workshop on a Cliff is a place of expression where architecture immerses us in creative inspiration and Nature contemplation.”

The Workshop on a cliff is connected to its main residence using a cantilevered bridge and also with the surrounding forest via floor-to-ceiling windows. The timber material resonates and harmonizes with its surroundings while a massive glazed gable end wall allows unlimited light to enter the studio, making it look more connected to nature. Not only that, architects also paired the timber cladding on the interior with  highly reflective polished concrete flooring, adding to the aesthetics of the studio.

This structure truly provides a creative and inspirational workspace for any artist and houses a safe and sheltered space for a person looking for solitude and relaxation.

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Images by Ulysse Lemerise Bouchard

h/t: Inhabitat

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