Louis Vuitton has put flexible oled screens on its handbags

French fashion icon Louis Vuitton has recently unveiled a completely unique and next gen class of handbags, designed by Nicolas Ghesquiere, which have a built-in flexible OLED display. Exactly, ladies will now be walking on the streets with the bags that have AMOLED screens on them along with a tag of LV.

Louis Vuitton OLED Bag

The screens which are installed on the bags are provided by Royole, the company famous for having produced the world’s first ever foldable smartphone. The resolution of the screen is 1920 x 1440. LV aims to produce two variations of this TV bag, one with two screens on each side and the other with a single foldable screen on either side of the bag. The screen appear to display videos of city views and a demo of an internet browser which depicts that the company aims to mingle some of the smartphone features with the bag too. With this innovation, LV can be seen to be stepping into the future of digital canvas which can be a huge breakthrough.

Louis Vuitton OLED Bag


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All Images: © Louis Vuitton

h/t: Design Boom

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