Lauren Ko creates aesthetically pleasing pies inspired by the magic of geometry!

Seattle based amateur baker, Lauren Ko, integrates mathematical precision to create complex-patterned pies as if baking a simple pie itself is not difficult enough on its own. Ko makes unique intertwined patterns on top of her homemade pies to make them further visually striking, she throws in colourful fillings such as of blueberries, kumquats, purple sweet potatoes, and pluots. View some of  her aesthetically pleasing pies in the pictures below!

pies 16

pies 12

pies 7

pies 8

pies 2

pies 18

pies 14

pies 6

pies 11

pies 5

pies 9

pies 15

pies 3

pies 13

pies 17

pies 4

pies 10

pies 19

Images: Lauren Ko

h/t: Colossal

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