FPLife Lockbook Notebook uses fingerprint scanner to keep your writings secure

Your secret thoughts, writings, poems, journals are never safe in an easily accessible notebook lying around anywhere.  FPLife took good care of that problem and designed a notebook that provides ultra- safety to your personal stuff. FPLife Lockbook notebook comes with a builtin fingerprint scanner which sets up an impregnable barrier between an intruder and well, your secret stuff. You don’t have to worry about someone reading your thoughts in your diary and laughing over your ideas as the only way they can do that now is with your permission, thanks to FPlife Lockbook notebook.

FPLife Lockbook Finger Print Scanner Notebook

FPLife Lockbook notebook has opened up a new realm of privacy for your confidential thoughts written down or your precious ideas to change the world. No one knew if any such thing existed or ever existed before but it does now and you are one booking away from feeling safer about your stuff than ever. The notebook comes with 50 ruled pages of 120 g wood-free A5 papers with 6 ring binding which can be refilled easily by loose papers available in the stationary shops near your home.

FPLife Lockbook Finger Print Scanner Notebook

The Lockbook notebook has the biometric sensor at the opening mouth of it and required only about half a second to scan the print. The company claims that the scanner can scan 10 million times so one clearly doesn’t have to worry about running out of scan limits at all. You can register two finger prints in the module which allows you to let another confidant of yours to have access too but only if you want. The notebook carries a battery to power the sensor providing it a range of 90 day standby time which means the scanner should run for more than a month with regular use.

FPLife Lockbook Finger Print Scanner Notebook

The notebook is covered with faux leather which makes it tough and water resistant. The insides do come with some pockets giving you space for some essentials like your cut out notes and even your passport since the notebook is a mini safe. The FPlife lockbook notebook is available in the stores now.

h/t: Cool Things

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