Fynn.design wants to deliver packages through its convertible autonomous pods

In today’s age, with the fast paced globalization, we are faced with challenges that we didn’t face 10 years ago. Courier and transport services have become the “it” thing as the world moves online, and people become as fast-paced as technology. Fynn.design brings you a solution that embodies this changing world, and presents “Pac”.

Pac is aimed at transforming the way courier services work, by making it dynamic and personal, battling the present issues like urban congestion. Pac is designed to be a driverless, adaptive system that can diversify its routes and services according to customer needs, being able to be scaled effortlessly during rush times.

Fynn.design Autonomous Courier Delivery System

Utilizing self-sufficient micro-hubs (basically portable, small warehouses on wheels), and tiny droids, Pac means to revolutionize parcel delivery. Placement of micro-hubs will be done in locales, within the ordinary setting, and the small droids will make deliveries from this transportable warehouse directly to the customers. The warehouse on wheels will be the centre part of the whole system, electrically driven, it will stand as a decentralized vehicle, which would move only at night to be restocked in its pre-assembled shelves. This would not only save time in the sense that less traffic, but will also provide a bigger window of deliveries.

Fynn.design Autonomous Courier Delivery System Fynn.design Autonomous Courier Delivery System

The size and dynamics of these warehouse on wheels will make them efficient in time and delivery, as they would be able to drive on sidewalks and bicycle paths, being less reliant on traffic (means they also save on time and are more accurate!) The driverless hub is in reality controlled by satellites (as if we needed more technology to spook us out), and can store up to 25 and as less as 10 parcels, dispensing them using augmented routes.

Fynn.design Autonomous Courier Delivery System Fynn.design Autonomous Courier Delivery System

The size and dimensions of the warehouse on wheels (the micro-hubs, in case you’re confused at this point) are not only efficient for the courier services but, they made it all kinds of green and clean to benefit the whole community (yes, it’s one of those “lets contribute the society” inventions). The hubs not only become the benches for people to sit on but is a green oasis in the middle of the hustle and bustle, as it is covered in moss, which is a natural air filter (told you it was all clean and green). This not only creates a good image for the product but increases its public reception. OLED screens are installed on the hubs, which are semi-transparent and display information about various things.

Fynn.design Autonomous Courier Delivery System Fynn.design Autonomous Courier Delivery System

Here’s the fun part, Pac recognizes you through recognition systems and verifies through your smart device, and then it presents you your parcel (you might not have to go through so much security if you just went and bought that thing). The satellite communicates to you that it’s about to arrive, through text messages, and then it delivers your parcel. But wait, what if you don’t want to be the one waiting around for your parcel? Well, here pac offers its “premium” services, where the satellite picks (seems like the robots are about to take over after all) a driver, who would be given further data from the sender, and will act as a brand ambassador (yes, you read that right), to deliver the parcel in person. This premium service is aimed at enabling people who are, for instance, physically limited.

Fynn.design Autonomous Courier Delivery System

Here are some more facts about the whole system:

  • A relaxed user interface on the app on your smart device permits an unpretentious and comprehensive communication.
  • The warehouse on wheels communicates inactively using lights.
  • The micro-hub could be employed as an urban guide structure.

All Images: © Fynn.Design

h/t: Design Boom

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