Feher ACH-1 bike helmet integrates an air-conditioner to cool you off on a sunny day

It can be agreed that a helmet does not provide the ease and comfort we would want it to. The constant annoyance of a sweaty head and the humidity developed causes an unpleasant twist to your drive. For daily motorcycle commuters and enthusiasts, Steve Feher, the genius behind this simple invention, has brought around the ACH-1 that integrates an in built air conditioner, which can literally give you the chills, while on your way.

Feher Air conditioned Motorcycle Helmet 2

The ACH-1 is fused to the back of the helmet and functions using a battery and a thermoelectric module. A similar pair can also be seen in the Rolls-Royce’s air conditioning seats. Warm air is drawn from the outside of the helmet into the inner lining of the helmet. In there, lies special air channels that cool down the warm air and redistribute it around the head of the user. The unwanted hot air is let out through the vent lowering the temperature by 18 degrees, compared to the outside. During winter, the same helmet can dry the air inside and create a de-mist effect.

Feher Air conditioned Motorcycle Helmet 1

Despite the complex engineering occurring literally right at the back of your head, the system is designed for the ease and comfort of the users and does not create a nuisance or feel heavy to carry around. The battery operations and its components are part of the bike rather than the helmet which is why the entire lid weighs only around 1.45 kilograms (3.2 lbs). The helmet comes accompanied with a cord that plugs and draws its energy from the bike’s battery.

Feher Air conditioned Motorcycle Helmet 4

On your next hot summer day ride, you are bound to be thankful to these helmets, that are priced at just US$549 and are available in sizes ranging from XS to 2XL. We can guarantee that these tiny inventions will have you looking cooler than everyone else!

Feher Air conditioned Motorcycle Helmet 5

All Images: © Feher Helmets

h/t: New Atlas

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