Levitating planter ‘LYFE’ hovers and spins in mid air

So, you thought hover boards existed just for humans? Think again! A Swedish company called “Flyte” has actually managed to create state-of-the-art hover boards for potted plants. Yep. You read it right. This Swedish company has altered the way we grow our plants by incorporating art and technology to create an aesthetically pleasing yet efficient way to grow our plants.

To fully understand the purpose of this creation, a short lesson on botany is required first. Basically, numerous studies depict that plant growth and ripening process accelerates when they are isolated in a magnetic field. Cool, right? Not only that, air-plants which thrive without soil take their nourishment from airborne particles. LYFE, with its 12-sided geodesic planter made from silicone combines these two requirements to create conditions that are highly favorable for the growth of not just air plants, but regular plants as well.

Levitating Flower Pot Lyfe 2

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This planter, with its electromagnetic base made from oak isolates the magnetic field which causes it to levitate in air and rotate, hence providing sunlight to every angle of the plant for a whole year! Furthermore, a hidden internal reservoir helps prevent overwatering the plant hence making the conditions ideal for plant growth.

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This sophisticated planter can surely make anyone fall in love with plants and greenery. Also, growing herbs in your own kitchen cannot get more convenient-and attractive- than this. Just add soil and seeds to the silicone pot, regularly water it, and watch as those seeds develop into fully grown plants all the while making your kitchen look more lively and charming.

Levitating Flower Pot Lyfe 1

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A study by NASA proves that having plants in the house not only make you feel more relaxed; they also decrease toxins in the air. LYFE does much more than that; as the planter rotates in mid-air, it produces different shades on the silicone pot; this reassures the brain to feel calm, hence decreasing stress levels. So technically, the pot-along with the plant-also contributes to a healthy livelihood!

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From what I have seen and observed, this artistic piece of technology is a must-have for each and every single person. If not from a scientific point of view, one can surely get it for its minimalistic yet highly striking design. So, what are you waiting for?

All Images: © LYFE

h/t: Slate

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